Steven Moxley

BMX | Canadian | @stevenmox


What’s your favourite place to ride?
Favorite place to ride would have to be any good mini ramp
What’s your favourite thing to ride? Favorite thing to ride would have to be a spine because there is endless possibilities
What’s your first sports memory? First sports memories would have to be playing basketball or volleyball during public school
What’s your typical day like? Typical day at the moment is chill but will be changing really soon when I get back in school.So right now I get up and get tea asap then eat breakfast sort out where and when to ride go riding come back home and nerd out abit and catch up on bmx and tech videos
What’s your dream day look like? Dream day would be to eventually have a small spot of my own and get up have tea do some coding work then get outside and have a rip on a sweet mini ramp then dinner and some more coding before hitting the hay. Simple things.
What kind of music do you listen to? I listen to a wide variety of music and I end upon SoundCloud and songza alot just hitting random playlists but if I'm gunna be riding you can usually find me listening to hip-hop
What is one random fact about you? Random fact hmmm I love bread like ridiculously ha-ha and will eat 8-10 slices per sitting
A night in or a night out? Night in for sure (I'm a nerd ha-ha)
Who is your childhood hero? Childhood hero would have been spider-man ha-ha
Where do you want to go in BMX? I think I've got what I want from bmx and that is just meeting amazing ppl from all over that I now call friend. I only wish to end up travelling more and meeting new friends
What is your favourite thing about Sleek Apparel? Definate favorite thing about sleek is its a family and there is never any pressure to do anything but I want to do it because everyone is stoked on each other and we just love doing what were doing (shout out to the main man Andy for holding it all down and killing it every time)