Nick Clarke

MTB | Canadian | @trickynickymtb


What’s your favourite place to ride?
There are amazing spots all over the world I love to ride, but Joyride 150, and the backyard ramp are my fav
What’s your favourite thing to ride? Skateparks
What’s your first sports memory? Breaking my wrist on a skateboard in grade 4 lol
What’s your typical day like? 8 hour shift of Drywall, followed by bikes then beers wtb!
What’s your dream day look like? Wake up with a beautiful girl, ride all day with my friends and local legends, then go back to bed with that same beautiful girl lol
What kind of music do you listen to? Maiden!!!!
What is one random fact about you? My fingering game is next level! All the injuries over the years pushed me into music where I also found the love of playing guitars
A night in or a night out? Depends on what the next day calls for lol Usually wont pass up a night out
Who is your childhood hero? There are a few that come to mind, but only one who stands above them all......Zak Jarvis
Where do you want to go in MTB? Any where that keeps me happy and healthy! The dream is to own a small parcel of land with a small house and indoor ramps
What is your favourite thing about Sleek Apparel? Its run by one of the raddest legends around and everything is on point!!!