Loek Quaedflieg

MTB | Canadian | @LoekQuaedfliegmtb


What’s your favourite place to ride?
At the moment i'm living in Barcelona so La Poma Bikepark is the place to be!
hat’s your favourite thing to ride? Dirt/Slopestyle and a few there are a few skateparks i like to shred sometimes!
What’s your first sports memory? Filthy Trails a freeride park in Belgium :p
What’s your typical day like? Wake up prepare a breakfast and a shisha go sit behind my laptop and go for a ride!
What’s your dream day look like? Bikes Big Jumps Friends and shisha =)
What kind of music do you listen to? Hiphop and Trap$hit
What is one random fact about you? Food i don't like
A night in or a night out? A night out for a cruiz tru the city or for going party but i also like a night at home and just chill
Who is your childhood hero? Vin Diesel!
Where do you want to go in MTB? I really want to go in Russia =)
What is your favourite thing about Sleek Apparel? That they make very special and creative clothing! ;)