Dorian Giodano

BMX | Canadian | @dorian_bmx

What’s your favourite place to ride?                    
All in Skatepark and Transitions skatepark.
What’s your favourite thing to ride?
Park and school roofs.
What’s your first sports memory?
Getting bored playing soccer at 3 yrs old so I just walked away with the net during a game lol!!
What’s your typical day like?
Go to school.Go to the principal office. Come home.Ride.
What’s your dream day look like?
Riding with all my friends in California then having a bonfire and eating marshmallows.
What kind of music do you listen to?
Johnny Cash, Dub Step, Eminem, young Jeezy and Drop Kick Murphys.
What is one random fact about you?
I'm in grade 7 but do grade 10 math and I breakdance.
A night in or a night out?
I'm 12 MY BED TIME is 930 so I'm stuck in.
Who is your childhood hero?
My childhood hero, that's easy the one and only Zak Jarvis!!!!
Where do you want to go in BMX?
I just want to keep riding for as long as it's fun. XGAMES maybe one day I'll get alot of girls that way so that's a good plan.
What is your favourite thing about Sleek Apparel?
My fave thing about sleek is it comes in my SIZE and its cool style like the kangaroo and goon plus I look up to all the riders like moxman and jarvis and clarke and zeb.